Lego Simpsons 71005 Minifiguuri 16 kpl

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Lego Simpsons 71005 Minifiguurit 16 kpl

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Tuotemerkki : Lego
Kategoria: Rakennuslelut
Minifiguureja : 16 kpl erilaista

UUTUUS 5/2014

HUOM! Figuuripussi on avattu ja tarkistettu mikä figuuri on kyseessä.

1. Homer Simpson with a donut and a TV remote
Bart Simpson with his skateboard
3. Marge Simpson with a Purse and and a “Donut Fancy” Magazine
4. Lisa Simpson with her saxophone
5. Maggie Simpson with a ripped teddy bear
6. Grampa with a Newspaper about himself
7. Ned Flanders with a white “I ♥ South Paws” mug and a toolbox
8. Krusty the Clown with a pie tray
9. Milhouse with a “Biclops” Comic
10. Ralph Wiggum with a card that says “I choo choo choose you”
11. Apu with a squishee
12. Nelson Muntz
with a baseball bat
13. Itchy with a caveman club
14. Scratchy
with a lumberjack axe
15. Chief Wiggum
with a billy club and a megaphone
16. Mr. Burns with the Three Eyed Fish in bowl and a radioactive bar

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