LEGO Simpsons 71005 & 71009 Minifiguurit 32 kpl

Molemmat Simpsons figuurisarjat!

Ikäsuositus yli 5v.
Tuotemerkki : LEGO
Kategoria: Rakennuslelut
Minifiguureja : 32 kpl erilaista

HUOM! Figuuripussit on avattu ja tarkistettu mikä figuuri on kyseessä.

Seuraavat hahmot 71005 sarjasta:
1. Homer Simpson with a donut and a TV remote
Bart Simpson with his skateboard
3. Marge Simpson with a Purse and and a “Donut Fancy” Magazine
4. Lisa Simpson with her saxophone
5. Maggie Simpson with a ripped teddy bear
6. Grampa with a Newspaper about himself
7. Ned Flanders with a white “I ♥ South Paws” mug and a toolbox
8. Krusty the Clown with a pie tray
9. Milhouse with a “Biclops” Comic
10. Ralph Wiggum with a card that says “I choo choo choose you”
11. Apu with a squishee
12. Nelson Muntz
with a baseball bat
13. Itchy with a caveman club
14. Scratchy
with a lumberjack axe
15. Chief Wiggum
with a billy club and a megaphone
16. Mr. Burns with the Three Eyed Fish in bowl and a radioactive bar

Seuraavat hahmot 71009 sarjasta:
1. Homer (Sunday Best)
2. Marge (Sunday Best)
3. Lisa with Snowball II
4. Maggie with Santa’s Little Helper
5. Bartman
6. Fallout Boy
7. Comic Book Guy
8. Martin Prince
9. Professor Frink
10. Hans Moleman
11. Selma Bouvier
12. Patty Bouvier
13. Groundskeeper Willie
14. Mrs. Krabappel
15. Waylon Smithers, Jr.
16. Julius Hibbert

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