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It is difficult, if not impossible, to discuss modern American or international architecture without mentioning Frederick C. Robie™House.

The actual geography of site itself helped determine Frank Lloyd Wright’s design. Measuring 18 meters (60 ft.) by 55 meters (180 ft.), the corner lot was three times as long as it was wide. These dimensions led Wright to think of the home in terms of two long, narrow rectangles. When viewed from above, the two rectangles are easy to see; however, from the street, each blends into the other, forming what looks like a single, continuous horizontal structure.

Robie House was one of the first residences to incorporate steel beams directly into its design. These strong beams in the ceilings and floors were necessary to create the cantilevered balconies, which appear to be suspended in mid-air. As the steel beams also carry most of the building’s weight, the exterior walls have little structural function, which in turn allowed Wright to fill them with large numbers of doors and windows.

The entire building fills approximately 841.9 m2 (9,062 square ft.). The front door and main entrance were deliberately hidden on the northwest side of the building beneath an overhanging balcony in order to create a sense of privacy.

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